In the Drink by Allyson K. Abbott

In the Drink (Mack's Bar Mystery, #3)Pretty good mystery, the non-suspects have lovely red herrings and the ‘whodunit’ seems cleared from the suspect list early on. Only, the current mystery – who is the psycho killing off Mack’s friends if she can’t solve his little clues? – is left unsolved. Instead, Abbot presents the solution to an old mystery. Mysteries are not supposed to end in cliff-hangers 😦

Extra half star for mentioning the Bronze Fonz. (…)
Also this story takes place in Milwaukee, is it the whitest white book I have seen in a while, or did I miss some people of color?

The barkeeper with synesthesia is hiding out from reporters – a nice acknowledgement that people who solve old mysteries with weird tricks will garner media attention. The home-crew is still interesting. The love-interest is away, long live the new love-interest. And plenty of pouty glares that Mack doesn’t even notice from the guy who would like to be the new love-interest.

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