From a High Tower by Mercedes Lackey

From a High Tower (Elemental Masters, #10) Wild West comes to Germany! Whee!
Rapunzel/Giselle is an Air Magician. The guy who climbed the tower was not exactly a True Love. the witch was loving, but died. Giselle CUTS HER HAIR (don’t worry, it grows back fast) and as a boy, wins shooting contests to earn her food. Then Captain BadGuy tries to molest her, she kills him, and has to run away. She disguises herself… as a girl. Now how will she earn her living? As a sharpshooter… in the Wild West show touring Germany.
The show is marvelous. I love the characters.
Lots of episodic adventure, very mild bad guys, no romance at all, and Not A True Love shows up at the end so Giselle and her allies can kill him properly.

There’s no real sense of danger in the book. It’s a totally fun romp.

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