Artemis Awakening by Jane Lindskold

Artemis Awakening (Artemis Awakening, #1)

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Mind links between humans and cats? or bears? Sign me up!
The world-building was great – the world Artemis was literally built up from an asteroid to be a paradise get-away for the ridiculously wealthy, but said wealthy threw a war a few centuries ago and now the galactics have lost lots of cool tech. The people of Artemis have no space flight, but the gengeneering ran true, and they have some Altered kids born every generation.
Sand Shadow. A puma with fingers. I WANT.
I was not very impressed with the characters. Adara The Huntress had to emphasize that she was a rarity, hunters are usually male, but the special-snowflake detail did not have any relevance to the story. Also, if she is a great hunter because of her genetic alterations, why would said alterations be more common in males? Adara did not fall for either man who might have been a love interest and I thought oh, that’s cool, someone who can actually focus on her work, but nope, she’s just suffering from a broken heart, having fallen in love with a (possibly criminal) mega-jerk. Oh yawn.
The Crashed Galactic did not catch my interest at all. Griffon is a great name, but he was boring from start to finish. Other guy, I can’t even remember his name. Griffon saves his life at one point and he decides to be all noble and won’t court Adara unless Griffon doesn’t want her… and this after Adara is pretty clear that she’s found the first galactic on-planet in centuries, that’s a lot to deal with, and she isn’t interested in romance. At all. Keep pushing, fellas, a woman doesn’t know her own mind until a man makes it up for her. Or, you know, buzz off. There are other girls in town.
The bad guy. We know he’s bad because he breeds unwilling humans to get better quality gengeneered kids. I hate the trope that multiple rape is the easiest shorthand for pointing out the villain. Also, I want to point out that Marion Zimmer Bradely’s Darkover series had ‘breeding for recessive traits whether the girl or boy like each other or not’ trope done, much better than this, back in, oh, 1964. (Yes, Darkover had its problems. Not discussing that here.)

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