Roadkill by Rob Thurman

Roadkill (Cal Leandros, #5)Reread. Binge-reading the series over the weekend.

Road trip!
Cal, Niko, and Puck have to find… the anti-healer. OK, better than the anti-christ. Minor character Rafferty the Healer suddenly takes center stage, and so does his cousin Catcher. Both are were-wolves, and so is Cal’s girlfriend Delilah. That’s not going to cause lots of tension, huh? Hunting a deer with werewolves can be interesting, especially when Cal realizes he’s more dangerous than they are. Lots of things on the road nearly kill them, including their employer. Including Cal’s collection of guns. Oops.

Road trips can be really boring, but half this book is narrated by Catcher, who is stuck in wolf form but can communicate by typing with a Popsicle stick in his mouth. His chapters are not quite as snarky as Cal’s but they sure are fun.

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