Moonshine by Rob Thurman

Moonshine (Cal Leandros #2)Reread. Binge-reading the series over the weekend.

So, Cal’s girlfriend is kidnapped and held for ransom – for a weird magical crown doodad which OF COURSE is not magical at all, it’s tech from some mists-of-time non human race. Oh. Sure. Because this is a sci-fi book, not fantasy? Does it matter?

And actually there’s two of the crowns, but the first one gets stolen right out of Cal’s hands by one of his alien relatives. Because they hate him, due to events of last book.

Information comes from informants… and Puck Robin Goodfellow happens to know a troll who lives under a bridge, collects information like anything. And likes to kill his visitors, but you can’t have everything…

Cal has to blend in with the werewolf Mafia for the first half of the book. It was pretty interesting world-building on the first read, but I usually skip it now because the second half of the book is SO AMAZING. Cal has to rescue his girlfriend – and also his big brother. Who always takes care of him. Yikes.

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