Madhouse by Rob Thurman

Madhouse (Cal Leandros, #3)Reread. Binge-reading the series over the weekend.

Having saved the universe in the first book, saved his brother and girlfriend in the second book, half-human half-alien Cal just wants to have a quiet day pouring drinks for the non-humans at the bar. No such luck. Niko’s girlfriend Promise finds them a job at the museum – a 15th century cannibal named Sawney Beane has resurrected – from his own ashes. And he’s back to killing people.

Finding him is only half the problem. Figuring how to kill him is much harder. Can Cal kill him with snark? There’s a good chance. On the other hand, Cal seems to find a new girlfriend this book. She might be more dangerous than old Sawney.

Oh, and the aliens who were all killed off? Ya missed a few, buddy. Oops.

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