Deathwish by Rob Thurman

Deathwish (Cal Leandros, #4)Reread. Binge-reading the series over the weekend.

You know that last-man-in-the-world trope? With lots of lovely women who somehow survived The Catastrophe? Well, what if all the Last of his Kind is happy to be that way, only to find that there are some females left after all? RUN.

Meanwhile, Cal’s big brother Niko’s vampire girlfriend Promise is contacted by a (very) old boyfriend. Someone is stalking him, can Niko and Cal guard him? All kinds of awkward. Then Promise’s daughter shows up with her own stalkers. Because one problem isn’t enough, when you can have three. Lots of monsters to kill, and we see The Vigil (AKA Secret Society of Watching Monsters) disappear of some dead bodies.

Fun scene – Cal plays cards with a semi-intelligent chupakabra, and keeps losing.

Just in case you needed a time sink, here’s one just for you:…

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