So Close to You by Rachel Carter

So Close to You (So Close to You, #1)I love time travel books. I love modern people dealing with the past – especially their relatives in the past! I did not love this book.

Grandpa takes Lydia to explore Montauk Project, where his dad disappeared when Grandpa was a little kid. It was the government! covering up for UFOs! And so on!!!! Lydia is bored to death with Grandpa’s theories, but suddenly a door opens and the conspiracy is real. And confusing. And sends her back a few generations, to World War Two.

It should be interesting, but its not. Lydia meets a cute guy – who is supposed to marry her great aunt, but falls for Lydia instead. Another cute guy is super-mysterious. And Grandpa’s father – the one who disappeared – is super suspicious of Lydia: there’s a war on, and someone showed up not by car or train but by mysterious circumstances. Then Lydia finds out some suspicious things about Great Grandpa. And the mysterious cute boy knows some of the answers, but not all.

I was seriously underwhelmed by this book. Not going to look for the sequels.

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