Ring of Fire 4 by Eric Flint

ring-4Lots of short stories, some marvelous, some not so great, one that I gave up on in middle.

You might think that after so many books and short stories, there would be no ideas left, but that is laughably wrong.  There are lots and lots of ideas, ranging from
* ‘if W Virginia town came to Germany, where did the German town go’
* there’s a serial killer in town, and its ‘uptime + downtime buddy cop’ time
* there’s gold in them thar hills! – a widow’s perspective
* do you want ‘those people’ in your church?
* French prisons + the man in the iron mask.  Whee!
* a soldier leaving war, looking for friendship, finding a civilian job & love. Not what you think.
* Gerry Stone playing the harmonica. Badly.  There’s a story built around  that, of course. But mostly, Gerry! Harmonica!

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