I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

i-hunt-killersThe beginning was awfully slow. Someone dies, and Jazz a) watches the cops at the crime scene and b) breaks in to get the files. (A) was a little interesting, but (B) was supremely boring. I nearly stopped reading. But it got better.

Jazz is worried that he looks at the world the way a serial killer does, and he actively wants his two friends to help him be ‘normal.’ So are his friends normal? One is a ‘bleeder’, a hemophiliac, which plays into the story a lot. The other his is ‘black chick’ girlfri
end Connie. Now, if Jazz is not mentally ‘normal’ and a hemophiliac is not physically ‘normal’ are we supposed to assume that a black girl is not ‘normal’? Or just that white guy + black chick = not normal? It was a little weird. Also, Jazz’s grandma and Connie’s dad are both seriously racist, they should get together and have a beautiful hate-fest. In other news, it took a lot of pages before I reconciled the name Jazz as a white boy instead of a black girl.

Figuring out who the killer is: Jazz goes through the usual red herrings. He doesn’t figure out who it was until the guy declares himself, but to be fair neither did I.

Various events toward the end of the book fit in with the plot and do a lovely job of setting up the next book. Don’t know if I want to read it.


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