Dark Heir by Faith Hunter

Dark Heir (Jane Yellowrock, #9)Another good novel, lots of fighting and plotting and a slathering of snark.

Jane has to work without Beast – it makes for a very interesting variation. Eli & Alex Younger are till fun to hang out with. Jane’s assorted boyfriends interact with her -without- beast’s commentary in the background, now that was weird. Another new thing: Mysterious Indian Shaman steps in to save the day, and it has gotten to bad for her to save.

I have to wonder how many variations on Vampire that Faith Hunter is going to have. We’ve already had basic century-long plotting, Mithrans vs Naturaleeza, vampires teaming up with witches, and now the Father of All Vamps. And since this is the younger of the two Vamp Fathers, it is implied that the older brother will be worse. Probably next book, along with the European vampires.

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