Chaos Choreography by Seanan McGuire

Chaos Choreography (InCryptid, #5) Verity is back on stage! And so is a corpse.

Being called back to the Dancing contest program is great, and Verity wants to give Valery one last whirl, but is it safe? Her new hubby Dominic decides that this is just something she has to do, regardless of danger, ore she’ll regret it ever after – and accepts a downgrade to ‘boyfriend, living off premises.’ Now that’s true love.

We meet Valery’s besties! And “Valery wants the bed by the window, big surprise.” Verity/Valery has a weird habit of sneaking out the window to run at night ‘to let off stress’, hahaha. There is more than one Cryptid dancing on stage, and no one knows. And honestly, no one would care unless it affected the ratings.

We meet Grandma Alice, and apparently dimension-hopping keeps one youthful. Or dead. And she has tats! changing tattoos, how mysterious. And her own set of mice. HAIL!

There are dragons. And gold. There are sharks near dead bodies, not good.

Someone’s killing the dancers. I nominate:
* The judge who is so Botoxed she can barely smile and hates everyone for being young.
* The judge who does not need Botox because she is fresh and beautiful and young forever, AND everyone likes her because she genuinely likes people, how can i believe that?
* The judge who is drooling over all the girl dancers.
* The judge who sincerely wants good ratings.
(OK, that’s all the judges)
* The dancer who is nasty to everyone, male and female.

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