Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)Its very unusual to meet a shape-shifter like Mercy Thompson, who does not have super-strength or super-healing. She’s a half-Indian skin shifter (no Indians make an appearance in this book.), and turns into a coyote.  This makes it a little hard for her to fight the regular were-wolves – and she can’t avoid them because the alpha lives next door. She’s got enough chutzpah to hold her own, though. She can deal with the vampires, too. It’s the were-wolf politics that are going to get her in trouble.

Mercy is an auto mechanic, and the book has a nice amount of page space for her schlepping engines and getting grease under her nails.

I very nearly avoided this book because most mechanics, and most fighters, don’t tie their overalls up to expose their that much skin. Most fighters don’t display their awesomenesA Woman Worth Ten Coppers (Shadowed Path, #1) by Morgan Howells by shoving their pants so low the need to shave the bikini zone. The cover does not reflect what is in the book, but there are too many books where scantily clad heroines on the box indicates a boring story. (Like that last book I couldn’t finish, A Woman Worth Ten Coppers)

The story was OK. The romance was nearly non-existent, but 2 men think they have a claim on Mercy: Her very former boyfriend – she was 16, he was over 100 years old, and the next-door alpha Adam, who claimed her as a mate to keep his pack from pestering the weaker were/w/o/l/f/ were-coyote. The requisite cop friend seems to be in this book for window dressing, but I assume later books will have more cop pot-line.

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