Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

Into the Wild (Into the Wild, #1)
Fairy tales, the old fairy tales, usually have happy endings – but they have awful beginnings and middles. No one would want to live in one – not even fairy tale characters themselves. And so they escaped from The Wild to suburbia. The Wild itself is now a small patch of greenery in Zel’s house (Who is Zel? try and guess before the reveal.) where it lives under Julie’s bed and tries to turn her sneakers into 7 League Boots. At least Julie and her brother Puss in Boots (wait, that’s taking adopting the family cat a little too far) can play with the magic toys, right? Wrong – using any magic will make the Wild grow stronger, and it was hard enough to escape the first time.
Then someone makes a wish on the wishing well, and Julie finds herself trapped in a fairy tale. In several fairy tales, as the Wild tries to make her FIT IN. Escaping is tough, especially when she isn’t sure she wants to escape at all.

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