Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Drink, Slay, LoveTruth: I picked up this book because of the title: a book of similar name was treacly sweet and I wanted something with with more zing.

Well, I got more treacly sweet than I had expected, but there was plenty of zing. Pearl, stabbed by a unicorn, can walk in the daylight. The Family (notice capital F there) decide she can use this new skill to gather ‘dinner’ for the vampire king, who is coming to visit. Which she does, brilliantly. Life in high school holds no terror for someone whose cousins want to beat her up and eat her. The Pearl starts making friends. This could be a disaster.

Where is the unicorn who transformed Pearl? I guessed pretty early on, but the reveal was a lot more complicated than I had guessed.

This would have been a four star story for the vivid characters, but the unicorn ‘curing’ the vamp allergy to sunlight should not have instilled a conscience in her. Sparkly-twing! Congratulations, you’re not going to burn to death, but you’ll starve instead. Nope.

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