Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett

Thief of Time (Discworld, #26; Death, #5)
Reread. (again, but whose counting?)

Susan Death is a wonderful protagonist. She just wants to be normal! Not happening. Not even if she goes the most traditional and boring route of Governess and graduates to Schoolmarm. Death happens, or it doesn’t, and Susan has to take up the old scythe. Darn it, time to save the world again!

From a glass clock, just like the fairy tale. Doesn’t sound so bad, but it can stop time. And the Auditors are taking a more direct hand… there’s some interesting observations about the human condition in there. Some subtle, some so broad a slapstick team would blush.

Jeremy the clock-maker – so sane that he comes to crazy from the other direction. And he takes one spoon of meds every day – and pours it down the sink. And has ‘little moments’ when he doesn’t take his meds. Sigh. Some people with mental disabilities hate that bit, because the neuro atypical are more likely to be harmed by ‘normals’ than to do the harm…. but that’s not funny, so its not in the book.

And then Susan finds out that there’s someone like her – the child of an anthropomorphic personification. And romance is supposed to be inevitable, but… not really. I think romance was Pterry’s least favorite part of the story, because they always fall so flat. There’s no chemistry between Susan and Lobsang “Hero is Just Another Word For Idiot” Ludd. Except that he’s someone like her, so who else does she have?

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