Midnight Come Again by Dana Stabenow

Midnight Come Again (Kate Shugak, #10)
So this was a step out of normal for the series. For the genre, actually.

spoilers ahoy!
Last book Kate Shugak had some awful experiences and her long-term boyfriend was killed. This book, she’s hiding out from the world in Anchorage (out of hte Park, oh horror), until Chopper Jim finds her. Kate is too numb to do much, but some bit of grief pushes her into bed with Jim, just for warmth and cuddles. Until she half wakes up grieving and horny. Bad combo, Kate. In the morning she can’t beleive what happened and throws things at Jim. “You know I didn’t want this” – denial is a fast flowing river, Kate, and your drowning.

Then the case which brought Chopper Jim to Anchorage smacks Kate on the back of the head, and slowly her brain wakes up. She solves the case and notices that Jim is kind of hot. And she’s still grieving, but she ain’t dead yet.

Genre no-no: women can’t grieve and get over it! It’s either get over your fellah with at jet-speed or mourn forever.

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