Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Marked in Flesh (The Others, #4)The war between ‘terra indigene’ and humans is escalating…

The good:
* Meg Corbin continues to act -perfectly logically – so why are people so amused by her all the time? People are confusing.

* The romance that isn’t, not featuring Simon Wolfgard, continues to not exist. This is nearly miraculous – Meg has now stayed chaste for more books than Anita Blake. I wonder how long it will continue.

* We meet more Gards! and more musicians! No dancers yet. Henry Beargard is not seen carving yet, either.

* People are really trying hard to get along with The Others. Some people. Some people are really ticked off at these Wolf Lovers. Sadly realistic.

* The Elementals and their ponies! Yay! Can we have more of them? And they are seriously scary. And still amused by Meg.

Not So Good:

* Puppy is gone to where all good puppies go – school. He’s almost completely out of the story. Not to many children at all, whereas in previous books they were pretty important to the plot.

* “Girl Stuff” is super secret scary/boring stuff, all the wolves go away. Are there not female wolves? Yes, there was one, but she died just before the series started.  All other wolves are male. What happened to the female shape-shifters we met in previous books?

*What happened to all the other blood prophets? Surely there were more than a handful.

* The series was better when it was tightly focused. Spreading the viewpoint to so many characters dilutes the intensity.

* Still weird that non humans are called ‘indigenous people’ – not that a term should change mid-series, but there are no Native Americans in the series, and calling people native to America the Earth Natives is kind of highlighting that.

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