A Taint In The Blood by Dana Stabenow

A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14)That’s a weird set-up: clear my mom of the murder she admitted to 30 years ago.
And then Kate Shugak finding out that the mom is … quite happy in jail? she’s running the education program and doesn’t want to leave.

Staying on the job means time away from her family… adopted son Johnny Morgan & sort-of boyfriend Jim Chopin. Mutt stays with Kate, though. Stay on the job? Go home? Then politics is mixed in, and some really nasty rich people. (but Dana Stabenow has shown in other books that poor people can be quite nasty too. Equal opportunity viciousness.) Kate isn’t going to let herself be pushed around, so she completes the job.

Kate getting locked up in a cabin in middle of nowhere is shades of Hunter’s Moon, but not nearly as scary as that benchmark book.

Wow, I would never have guessed the villain. Justice is… not quite served. At all. Not even in the Alaskan way.

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