A Deeper Sleep by Dana Stabenow

A Deeper Sleep (Kate Shugak, #15)
Guy’s 3rd wife is dead – is Lois Deem going to jail yet? Nope. He’s laughing all the way out of court. He hasn’t been convicted of any of his other crimes, either, because he is a mean mean man and everyone in the park is afraid of him. Even when he’s locked up awaiting trial.

Kate Shugak’s aunties are mad at her because this guy is still walking around. Why didn’t he, say, break a leg in bear country? or fall into a river? So many ways to die by accident, Katya, why is this bad man still breathing? Kate is too law-abiding for her aunties.

Not so sure I like the trope of wife-killer = monster + criminal, since so many wifebeaters (and the subcategory of wifekillers) seem to be nice, law abiding men.

Meanwhile, the ‘drill or no drill’ argument is still going on from previous books, someone (Deem & co?) is smuggling booze and other items, and new people are moving to the Park. Or near the park. One family with many many children and an interesting take on Xtianity is right near the Park, are they encroaching? Oh, and their pretty eldest daughter engaged to be married to one nasty fella? And does he pre-empt Kate’s warning to the family by smiling and saying she had her chance, but he’s in love with someone else now? Yeah, way to make a fair warning sound like a jealous cast-off lover. 😦

Surprise! Deem ends up dead. Whodunnit? Lots of twists and turns, and may the right man face justice. Face the law, not so much.

Also, adults with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome should not fall under the influence of men like Deem 😦

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