Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal (Discworld, #33; Moist von Lipwig, #1)

So, here’s a new main character. Moist van Lipvic has a silly name, he’s a lovable con artist, and he’s got to… take an honest job. Oh dear. re-creating the dead Post Office seems like the most boring thing ever, but no – thinking llike a con artist allows Moist to cock a snook at the few-fangled CLACKS semaphore while piously declaring he never learned what a snook is, or how to cock one.

The bad guy we love to hate: Reacher Gilt. His name means “i’m grabbing your gold” and all he needs is a good lolcat picture, shame they don’t exist in Discworld. How many people realize that the parrot’s catchphrase “12 1/2 percent” = “pieces of eight”? Hello, modern-day pirate.

Fun bits!
There’s a golem parole officer. They don’t sleep and they never stop.
The REASON the post office died. Wow, that was unexpected.
The cat. Of course cats dictate terms to humans, but this cat takes the cake.
The MIRACLE! oh yes, con artists are GREAT at creating miracles.
Winning the bet by a dead man’s words. Sort of. (GNU, Terry Pratchett *sniff*)

Not such fun bits.
AdoraBelle Dearheart falls in love with Moist. Why? He falls in love because she sees through his cons, but what does she see in him? He arranges that the Clacks system that Reacher Gilt stole to be sort-of returned to her family, but he also did some nasty (spoiler) stuff to her family before that, so its just balance. Really, what does she see in him?

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