The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle

The Ballad of Black TomJust another con artist, convincing people to throw money at him… Tom’s parents work hard and what did it get them? Poverty. Tom wears a nice suit and has a nice place. One day Tom withholds a little page from a book he brought to a witch… and his life changes. For better? For worse? Well, maybe a bit of both. Power is a good thing to have, until you get to that ‘corruption’ thing…

We get part of the story from Tom’s POV, some from a guy invoking the Elder Gods to give himself power, and part from the policeman who just wants to arrest the criminals, but finds himself WAY over his head.

an author comment said that this was based off one line in a Lovecraft story, but I’ve never read Lovecraft, don’t plan to, and enjoyed the book a lot.

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