The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton

The Wednesday SistersThey’re not sisters, but they meet every Wednesday at the park to write while their children play. They’re not great writers, but they get better when ‘critiques’ go past ‘that’s nice, dear’ to concrete mistakes that need to be fixed. And then, they encourage each other to send their manuscripts out to publishers…

Amazing. A book about women where there’s no backbiting or snide commentary abut each other. Well, hardly any. The only person on a diet is doing it to re-catch her straying husband. It doesn’t make her happy, it doesn’t work, and her friends try to talk her out of it, only to realize that she is too invested in Not Losing Her Man ™ to listen to advice.

Miss America! A yearly bonding moment! Apparently the husbands don’t want to watch Miss America with their wives. Maybe its hard to ogle scantily dressed young women in front of their wives? Anyhow, the women drink and critique the women and discuss their own issues. Family, health, so many things.

And then…. Heeere’s Johnny! How do the 5 ‘sisters’ end up on TV?????

What a pleasant read.

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