Kingfisher by Patricia A. McKillip

KingfisherI usually love McKillip’s books. They have just the right blend of familiar and weird to suspend my disbelief like dewdrops sparkling on a spider web.

Kingfisher starts out with a young man fishing off the dock. Then there are hints of wyverns and dragons. People travel in a car instead of horse and buggy. And his mother is a sorceress? This is fun…

Boy leaves home, finds himself in palace – the journey should be cliche. KcKillp is too skilled for that, and Our Hero finds friends and enemies along the way. And family. And a girl-friend – sort of? And the palace is in turmoil, with a god-goddess powers struggle that tangles mere mortals in entertaining nets.

The ending, though, fell flat. Lose one star for failing to resolve one issue, and another for the confusion.


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