Away With the Fairies by Kerry Greenwood


Away With the FairiesWell, that was different. WWI was just “The Great War” because there was no WWII to balance it against, but already the women pilots were frustrated at not being able to use their skills. Well, not unless Miss Fisher wants to fly off to China and rescue her boyfriend from pirates.

Unless the pirates brought him to Australia already?

Meanwhile, a nice lady who painted fairies for a nice lady-magazine died – was murdered? The policeman who investigates can’t handle such a pinky-pink pink room, and asks Phryne to help him. Why do so many people hate such a harmless woman? Phryne takes a job at the fairy-painter’s magazine, the better to investigate. What a novelty, a paying job!

The investigation is a wonderful distraction from her terror over just what happened to her chinese boyfriend. It’s bad enough that the matriarch of the Chinese family will speak to non-Chinese, not-good-enough Phryne.


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