Play With Fire by Dana Stabenow

Delicious mushrooms grow after a fire. There’s a hot blond with a camera hanging around out-of-work investigator Kate Shugak, because she ran out of gas while photographing Alaska.  Picking ‘shrooms at $$$ a pound will get her on the road again. The veteran in a wheel-chair can’t get to the mushrooms, but he sure can cook. The body under the mushrooms – OK, how many people will say ‘That sounds like a Miss Marple mystery title!’?  I lost track 😉

The client is heart breaking.  The religious community is heart-breaking, too, in a completely different way.  Happily I can’t reach into the page and kill fictional characters.

The killer is found. I suspected the method as soon as the coroner report came in, but how could that be done?  Serious cold-hearted killer. Never brought to justice, because a confession to an investigator can be denied, denied, denied. IT NEVER HAPPENED OFFICER SHE JUST HATES ME. PERSECUTION!

The school system is brought up for discussion. It is, um, disturbing.

A slightly slow start. A lovely read.


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