Breakup by Dana Stabenow

The last Kate Shugak book I read started slow, built up to a good mystery.
“Breakup” caught me by page one, and snared me completely by the end of chapter one. It starts with a hungry bear breathing on Kate’s face, another bear, something falls out of the sky, more things happen. Can’t a woman fill out her tax forms in peace?  The dead body has been there for months, it is NOT HER PROBLEM.  Everyone go away and stop bothering Kate.

Then she’s at the bar, and there’s a shootout. Kate de-escalates the situation. Then a friend needs help. And a neighbor needs help. And a tribal elder wants help. And and and. It’s remarkable how many of these crises revolve around parents and children.  It’s like a theme, or something 😉 Is Kate going to take up the mantle of her grandma the Elder’s Elder, or is she going to keep her life private?

This is a fabulous book, full of tough choices.


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