Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Voyager (Outlander, #3)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why did no one introduce me to this series when it first came out??? It’s so much fun!

Now that her husband is dead and her daughter graduated high school, Claire wants to take up with her old flame – the guy she married 200 years in the past.

A young historian helps Claire and her daughter Brianna track Jamie to spoiler-place and Claire wonders if she should go back. Meanwhile, Young Man has his hand on Brianna’s knee, and she seems to like it. Oh, the curse of a red-head’s fair skin! Blush!
Brianna is gong to miss her mom, but has her own almost-boyfriend to keep her spirits up.
Claire tidies up her life at home, writes an “i love you forever” letter to Brianna, returns to Scotland, and goes through the Standing Stones.

Meanwhile Jamie has his own adventures in (view spoiler)

Then they meet, have adventures all over the place, and fun is had by all. 🙂

Checklist that seems to exist in this series:
x fight about infidelity in marriage, Clarie threatens to leave but comes back.
x argument about spouse going into danger even though “I love you don’t die”
x Jamie and his sister have a lovely shouting match
x Jamie gets horribly seasick. (it’s really funny from the outside. poor guy.)
x Jamie is proud that his wife is a doctor, the other husband just put up with it.
x there is a poor neighborhood or an epidemic where Claire wishes she had better meds.
x A sex perv gets hold of Jamie, and possibly of Claire
x someone gets raped (one drugged rape mentioned & one very dubious consent)

(hide spoiler)]

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