The Ninth Day by Ruth Tenzer Feldman

d-d-d-did you read the story about the girl who stuttered? Miriam Hope (call me Hope) is in the choir because she never Ninth Day.jpgstutters when singing. Her sister is out to have fun, and what’s more fun than LSD? Except for the stupid things you do when high. And the flashbacks. And spending the next six weeks with your face bandaged. Her brother is OK, but not much of a help during flashbacks. And that bright blue light shining under Grandpa’s door? That’s gotta be a flashback, right? It sure can’t be real. And the woman wearing a caftan must be one of sis’s drug-friends, because time travel isn’t real. Right? RIGHT?

Serach bas-Asher, time traveling guru! Cool! And you don’t have to read the previous book to understand this one, also cool. Grandpa gives Miriam the talit with the blue string that once belonged to Grandma Miriam, and tells her not to use it. But it’s beautiful, and lets her time travel with Search’s help.

Also there’s this cute boy. Who is possibly in love with sis. And is really smart. And goes to protests. And going to protests is going to get Miriam kicked out of choir if she’s caught. But Miriam can’t send time on this boy, because she has a baby to save … hundreds of years ago.

Cover art: Ladies, it is important to shave your armpits! Much more important to show your pits than to show your face while wearing check-marka ‘free speech’ button.

The Good:
* Let’s go to Ancient France! where LSD is rare but found on bad rye bread.
* Time Traveling guru Serach can’t solve the problem, she can only find the right person.
* Happy family! This is the second book in a row that I read that has a mostly supportive family, even though all the parents and siblings are busy with their own things.
* Grandpa is old. Really old. He misses his wife. Cue, Miriam and the hanky scene. *sniffle*

The Bad:x-mark
* “Hey loosen up” is not the same as “let me drug you for your own good.” – bad sister!
* Hubby wants to kill the baby, but Wife won’t leave. Because she loves Hubby. Ouch. Too real.
* Miriam doesn’t sing Grandpa’s favorite song because her face got hurt. But he’s so old!surprise

The Double Take:
* Miriam’s face got damaged HOW???? Oh poor baby *bawls*
* Hubby wants to kill the baby because he had a vision that he must sacrafice his son to save the city??? And Hubby is trying to find a way not to have to kill the baby??? But he must because vision. And Vision because LSD. *boggles*
* Choir master decides WHAT??? *spoiler spoiler spoiler* I would never have expected that.


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