Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold

Hallowed HuntHallowed Hunt. Reread while waiting for the new book to come out. I loved the book when it first came out, but despised the villain. (boo, hiss!)

Now I read it and skipped most of scenes where the villain dominates – and enjoyed it much more.


The Good

  • Our Heroine Iyada doesn’t want to sleep with the prince, but she’s too check-markdignified to beg for rescue from someone who isn’t going to help her.
  • Iyada may be naïve about the courts giving justice to someone who killed in self-defense – killed a prince in self-defense – but she’s very clever about solving the ghost problem.
  • Our Hero Ingrey in black leather. I want fan art.


The BadThe Bad

  • Our Villain doesn’t want to take over the world anymore. He just wants to quit. Hello, depression!
  • Princess Fara thinks men have to lay down their lives for the prince and women just have to lay down, it’s all the same thing. BOOOO
  • Ingrey saves all the ghosts, but he can’t call his dad’s ghost. sniffle sniffle bawl


The Double Take:Double Take

  • Prince Jokol Skullsplitter and his huge axe. Jokol means volcano. But he is ‘skull splitter’ because he can drink massive quantities of booze, and because he memorized enough poetry to split his skull.
  • Check your assumptions. In fact, check your assumptions at the door. – Lois McMaster Bujold, Vorkosigan saga
  • Ingrey ordering the rampaging polar bear “Down” – and it gets down
  • When Ijada decides to marry Ingrey, she figures Right Now is a good time. And the guests she has – princes, priests, ghostly heroes – are all the guests she needs, thank you very much.

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