Old Freinds for the Holiday

There’s a book that keeps getting pushed off the top of my to-read stack. Blam. Book on Floor. (No books were harmed in the making of this post.)

Collage of multi-ethnic people with various facial expressions

I think that HAPPY HOLIDAY is overtaking my brain – not the war over the politically correct greeting, but TOO MANY PEOPLE. Relatives. Fellow shoppers. Humans. Extra-terrestrials.  YES YOU CHEWIE

han and chewie
Han got so OLD Isn’t this a Prequel?






There is no room in the BE SOCIAL area of my brain.  You want me to MEET NEW PEOPLE and pretend they are my friends? Not doing it. Not even fictional people.

So, some ‘old friends’ to re-vist:

  1. nevermoreNevermore by Rob Thurman, 10 in a great series. Lots of snark through the series, and this one has time travel!  Hey Cal, try not to kill your younger self. Newly published. Already a re-read.
  2. htudThud by Terry Pratchett, #whatever in a fabulous series and I love it. Old book. Multiple re-reads.
  3. Dragonfly in Amber by Diane Garibaldi. #2 in an old series which I only read a few. More Time travel.
  4. broken kingdomsThe Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemison. #2 in an old series which I read only the first. “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” freed the gods and broke the world, now what?
  5. lives in ruinsLives in Ruins by Marylin Johnson. Lots of people like reading about archaeological finds, but who researches the archaeologists? This book. Various Indiana Jones references, ie How Not to Do It.

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