Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

OutlanderWWII is finally over, and Claire just wants some time to re-unite with her husband. Frank was a soldier, Claire was a combat nurse, and both want the peace of the Highlands. Frank closets himself with the vicar – not for spiritual comfort but to have fun with genealogies. Frank is descended from a border guard who was no better than he should be. Claire, meanwhile, goes off with the vicar’s housekeeper to watch the dawn ritual at the Standing Stones. Frank sees a highlander in full fig, right on the street. oooh And then Claire goes back to the Stones, and goes THROUGH the stones. 200 YEARS BACK IN TIME.

check-markThe Good:

The hotel owner who vacuums outside the honeymooners’ door in hopes of hearing the bed bounce. And Frank jumping on the bed. snicker


An herb-wife who loves her husband’s position in society but his own self, and uses drugs as anti-viagra.

The Bad:The Bad

A ‘good’ man only beats his wife when he’s also her commander. And it’s a through beating. But… she promises to kill him if he ever does it again.

Waltzing in and out of assorted guarded places – are there revolving doors in Ye Olde Dayes? Sure they have to make an effort, but again and again and again?

Claire spends so long trying to reach the Standing Stones and trying to get home, and then what happens? spoiler spoiler BOOO.

The sadist. The sadist ogling Claire. The sadist capturing his favorite target. shudder

The Double Take:Double Take

Powdered horse dung as medicine. EEEWWW.

Wicked Black Jack looks just like his descendant, and Claire’s back-brain wants to trust him.

Claire fight’s a wolf! And kills him with her little knife while it’s chewing her arm.

Smallpox vaccine mark is misinterpreted! Scary cool!


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