The Significance Of A Hole

When is a hole not a hole?

Then she folded the paper in quarters and cut a hole through that. “How many holes now?”

Now, imagine me facing this nice woman I’ve been playing with for a couple of hours, only now I’m wondering Is she stupid?  Good, peaceable, middle child that I was, I said, “One.” But in case she didn’t understand, I added, “I can see it there. I watched you cut it.”

This is where it gets significant. She looked at the paper, looked at her notes, looked at me. And then she thought. She didn’t write down my idiot answer and move on, although she had every right to do so. She thought. And then she asked, “How many holes if I unfold it?”

Four, of course. And I told her so, a little worried because she seemed relieved by the answer. That’s the only time I remember asking if I’d got it right. She said it wasn’t about right, and she liked it both ways.

I think about that test now and then, whenever I catch a glimpse of that befuddled expression in someone’s eyes. That was the first time I understood that some questions might have more than one right answer, and the first time I realized I don’t always see things the way other people do


Source: The Significance Of A Hole


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