Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

The fight goes on.anc-mercy

If you haven’t read books 1&2, this one will make very little sense.

Sadly, “Mercy” isn’t as good “Justice” or “Sword.” The world-building has been done, the conflicts have been set up. There is the main conflict between the Lord of the Radch and herself.  There is the local political conflict. There is the conflict between Our Hero and her crew.  In this new book, there should be some sort of resolution, even as those resolutions set up new conflicts. Instead, Leckie chews over the same old same old.

A new character is introduced, possibly for comic relief. There is a representative from an important alien species. She (everyone in this book is ‘she’, including grandpa)is a human raised by aliens, and she considers herself interchangeable with the previous representative, who was killed.  Furthermore, Miss Comic eats everything and anything, and the results are weird – for what reason?  There’s no plot-point in this, it’s just weirdness for weirdness sake.

Another wonderful start has started to fizzle. I still plan to read the next book.

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