Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

So much fun.Firefight
Superheroes. Supervillains. How do you fight one without help from the other?
Answer: You don’t. Ordinary people need help from the superpowered, or they will be squished.

Big Red SThen there’s that holy pentagon symbol, never described beyond the big S on it…  S for the Superhero who will fly in to save everyone…

But what separates the heroes from the villains? David and friends have saved Chicago. Now they go to New York to confront the Villain – and OMG, what have they done to the New York islands? There seem to be no villains here, only peace love and happiness. And obliteration?

Then there’s Megan, the love-interest from the last book. She’s on someone’s side, alright, but whose? She killed one of the good guys, but were there extenuating circumstances?
Has David been suborned, or does he have a long plan? And will he be captured and turned to the dark side?

And the superhero on David’s team – he’s up to something. David knows he keeps secrets, but some of the secrets are going to bite David, hard.

The plot runs full speed ahead, with small pauses for David and his terrible metaphors. Sanderson must have had a lot of fun with this one: The sun went down behind the skyline like a pat of butter down a corn cob. No, the buildings look more like broccoli than corn… The sun went down like a butter on broccoli. OUCH.


(This was a reread, because the third book came out and I thought this was it. Next book, soon!)


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