Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

Ghouls and djinn and flying horses and daddy issues…Magic Shifts

In Magic Shifts, the magic didn’t shift much, but Kate shifted from Consort at the Keep to homeowner at a suburban neighborhood. That’s some shift. She’s still a snarky kick-ass killer, though. The first few pages of this book have her snarking at Ghastek, much to his dismay, then analyzing a huge squad of ghouls, then joining with Curran to kill said squad. Then they go home to shower off all the ghoul gunk, and then someone has to be emotional at them. George somehow fell in love with Edward the were-buffalo she was snarking at last book, and her Dad Mahon the Kodiac Bear isn’t having any of it. Now Edward disappeared, she can’t ask her dad for help because what if he -did- it, and she can’t ask Jim the new Beast Lord for help because of power plays among the alphas.

So, is this book going to about ghouls or about the missing buffalo? Yes 😉

So, George has daddy issues, Curran has daddy issues, Kate has daddy issues with multiple dads, Edward has daddy issues that he doesn’t even know about yet, the mysterious man on the beautiful flying horse has daddy issues – the only one who doesn’t have daddy issues is the djinn, and he wants to destroy the world.

The GoodThe Good:

  • Curran as a next door neighbor. Trying to be normal.
  • The neighbors reacting to a 7 foot lion ghosting through the neighborhood.
  • The -reason- a djinn grants three wishes. Hint, it’s not because they’re nicey nice creatures.
  • Head damage causes amnesia, people’s reactions to it, and information that was found out because the amnesia made people look in unexpected directions

    The BadThe Bad:

  • I got nothing. Book was great.
  • Except for the ‘girl+boy/hate each other = girl+boy/falling in love” trope. I really don’t like it, at all.

    Double TakeThe Double Take

  • You know the phrase ‘dead and gone’? There’s a reason both phrases are needed. Also a flamethrower.
  • Is it a dragon or isn’t it? What’s a proto dragon or a dracnoid?
  • When you take Julie out of school, leave a note for the other parent or there will be Arguments. This is such normal thing, but the place they were having the argument was just so Kate&Curran that I kept snickering through the arguments. While Julie rolled her eyes.
  • Ghouls. They eat dead people. And they — what? Really? Cool!

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