Devoted in Death by J D Robb

Imagine Bonnie and Clyde as killers instead of bank robbers. Whee!!!Devoted in Death

Dallas has to deal with this murder-torture couple with a bit of help from a country cop.

Usual In Death tropes:

  • Roarke is still the handsomest guy on planet or off.
  • Shockingly, Roarke does not own anything useful in this story.
  • Loving details are given about torture and how much fun the bad guys are having.
  • Dallas dreams about the dead, but it’s not exactly a nightmare.
  • Dallas has a crass mouth, Peabody thinks its cute
  • The secondary characters have more room for character growth than the main characters.
  • Mavis and Bella are nowhere in sight, I hope they show up sometime soon.
  • The cast remains remarkably white.

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