Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

In Midnight, Texas, Charlaine Harris brought psychic Manfred Bernardo to the sDay Shiftleepy little town of Midnight, Texas. It was one-street town, barely there at all, existing mostly as a place for people to drive through – blink and you miss it. And its inhabitants liked it like that, because they were too busy being paranormal to bother with normal people.

In Day Shift, a new hotel is about to open. The inhabitants are of two opinions – is this mean more purchasing power, or too many people?

Manfred doesn’t care, he is off to a day of psychic readings, connecting clients with their dearly departed, when one of clients -becomes- a dearly departed. Naturally, the police suspect him. So does the client’s son. Manfred, on the other hand, sort of suspects Olivia, fellow resident of Midnight. What was she doing in that hotel at the same time as him, and why were the people she had dinner with dead?

The book twists and turns with witches, cops, reporters, crooks, other crooks, vampires, angels, intelligent or shape-shifted animals, old folks, old books, secret histories, more secret histories, and the occasional normal (muggle? non-paranormal?)person just trying to make a living.

Day Shift didn’t have the breathless sense of wonder that Midnight, Texas, did, but it was a pretty good paranormal mystery. Some of the big reveals were interesting, some I had already guessed, but it was nice to see confirmed.

Looking forward to the next book.


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