Wood Sprites by Wen Spencer

51PB3Yr13fL._AA160_.jpgThis is the fourth book in a series, I read none of the previous.

This book was so much fun!!!
Start off with nine-year-old twins blowing up their play-house. It wasn’t quite a mistake, they wanted to blow up their barbie doll for a movie – wait, nine year olds are making a movie? – and the explosion was a bit large. Then we find out they’re really good liars, their parents are clueless, and there is something off about their blood type.

The twins have so much going on! They blew up their playhouse/filmstudio but they have to put out another film, their parents have saddled them with a robo-dog nanny, they have to suddenly take an interest in socializing with their classmates, and they have discovered that their potential brothers/sisters are to be destroyed at the egg-bank. So much to do!

check-markAll the plot threads are vying for space, and the twins are having a hard time juggling all their responsibilities, and figuring out which project is a) the most fun and should have all their time, b) the most important and should have all their time, or c) on a deadline and should have all their time. I wonder when they’re going to have to … explain … all this to their parents.

Then the magic goes weird, they meet some interesting people, and suddenly making explanations to the parents is not the worst thing in the world.

I absolutely must track down the previous books in this series, and can’t wait for the next book.


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