Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

“Dirty Jobs” was hilarious. This sequel wasn’t.

Charlie Asher died last book, and was reincarnated into a sewn-together body with a dick bigger than he is. Cue an unending stream of dick jokes, none of which are actually funny.

Little Sophie seems to have lost her powers, now that she goes to school. With nuns. And her daddy is sleeping with a nun. Cue a stream of nun jokes, some of which are sort of funny. The new Big Bad comes to school to check her out, cue some baby-type naughty words, and some culturally naughty words. That’s how we know the guy is Bad. Don’t say those things in public, Sophie.

Minty Fresh meets a brothah. Cue racial jokes, which might be funny for othah brothahs, but given the flat jokes all over the book, I suspect not. Some background on Minty Fresh is interesting, though.

The bird-women of battle are back. They’re bringing another Big Bad, who seems not all that bad – this is the most interesting plot line.

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