The Shattered Court by M J Scott

Every royal witch ever has her powers tied to the church on her twenty first birthday, the day her powers manifest. Lady-in-Waiting Sophia is really nervous, her birthday is tomorrow.  The Princess sends Sophie out with her favorite guard (we know Mackenzie is Princess’s secret boyfriend because of the explicit scene a few pages ago) to do some shopping for magic herbs, to get her out of the way for birthday preparation.

There’s an attack on the city while the two are out, Mackenzie takes Sophie out of the city for her protection, and Sophie has her birthday away from the palace and the church. Well, that shouldn’t be too bad, right? She’ll just ave her ceremony later, right?  Nope. She comes into her magic, touches a ley-line, and bzzzzzt, she is full of happy buzzing and just has to jump Mackenzie’s bones.  Well, that’s hardly the action of a proper maiden.  Mackenzie is very sorry, he should have prevented her, he should have known better because he’s an experienced mage. Cue the man-angst.

They get back to court. Princess is gearing up for daddy’s funeral and her own coronation, but she has time to sneer at Sophie for taking her leavings. The non-virgin is not fit for church (hiya, you old trope, haven’t seen you in a while!) and is therefore a Wild Mage and a danger to everyone! everywhere!  Because women who are not tamed are always dangerous. (Hiya, you old trope, hope not to meet you again anytime soon.)  The Princess/Queen and the Arch Priestess do various things so that Sophie’s power will not endanger the Princess, who Sophie likes perfectly well (until she got so catty about Mackenzie) and who Sophie would never dream of attacking.

Obviously the solution is to tame Sophie through marriage, and Mackenzie is right there to hand. Cue more angst from both, this being a forced marriage for both of them.  But this solution is not enough, so Sophie and Mackenzie will have to take Drastic Measure.

The Cover is really pretty.  Too bad the plot was really bland. I don’t plan to read the next book.

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